On-site pressure washer training

High Pressure Hire can offer Water Jetting Association (WJA) jetting training to our customers using a WJA approved training instructor.

Water jetting can be a dangerous practice for untrained hands and any injuries need to be attended to by qualified medical personnel immediately as tissue damage is caused by the impact of the water jet. The WJA aims to promote the safe use of water jetting and High Pressure Hire can provide this by offering you water jetting courses to safeguard yourself and those of whom you employ.

Our Courses

You will find a water jetting course to suit the majority of applications whether your company is a drain cleaning contractor or a large national company in the Petro-chemical industry. All courses offered are based on the WJA Codes or Practice which are recognised by the Health and safety Executive (HSE) and now City & Guilds accredited.

We can offer the one day mandatory Safety Awareness jetting course (valid for 3 years) plus additional jetting course modules including Drains & Sewers, Surface Preparation, Cutting & breaking (concrete and cold cutting) and Tube & pipe (heat exchanger tube cleaning).