For continuing and long-term use we are pleased to offer water jetting equipment for sale. We offer advice on which equipment would be suitable for your requirements, and we can visit your premises to fully assess your needs, if preferred.

All our equipment comes with full guarantees and after sales service. Please call us for further information.


Pressure Washers for Sale from High Pressure Hire

At High Pressure Hire, we don’t just offer a comprehensive range of water jetting equipment for hire. We also stock hot and cold pressure washers, steam cleaners, bowsers and accessories for sale.

All sale items come with the same guarantee of quality that we attach to our pressure washers for hire: reliability, durability and the ability to perform the heavy duty cleaning tasks you require on commercial and industrial sites.

Hawk High Pressure Water Jetting Unit

The team at High Pressure Hire are pleased to announce that we have secured exclusive manufacturing rights on the Flexian Hawk trailer unit.

As the primary pressure washer we have for sale, the Hawk Pressure Washer is guaranteed to complete all cleaning work that you require.

Coming with a range of pressure pumps and with the ability to clean on commercial and industrial sites as well as drainage work, the Hawk Pressure Washer is a versatile, top of the range pressure washer unit.